In Technical Services, we provide ICT consultation, management and support services. We are proud to say that we have done many projects which involve both business and consumer environments.

IT remote support

Providing remote technical support. Troubleshooting various hardwares and software*, hosting, cloud services issuess.

IT on site support

Providing on-site technical support. Troubleshooting various hardwares and software* issuess.

Endpoint Solution

Consist of malware, email, network and ransomware* protection

Backup, Recovery, Storage

  1. Data Backup and Retention
  2. Disaster Recovery
  3. Elastic Cloud Storage
  4. Backup Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace

network deployment & installation

RJ45 CAT6, CAT6A and Fiber Optics 

  1. Network Cable Laying & Trunking
  2. Network Cable Management
  3. Deploy & Manage Server Rack
  4. Testing and Deployment
  5. Troubleshooting

Server setup & deployment

Windows & Linux Server

  1. Physical Server Installation and Mounting
  2. Deploy and Configure (Windows and Linux)
  3. Setup Virtual Server
  4. Cloud Server Integration and Solution
  5. Troubleshooting


Windows PCs 

  1. Setup, Deploy and Confgure
  2. Centralised Management using RMM
  3. Patch Management
  4. Asset Management

wifi installation

  1. Solution Design
  2. Mounting and Configuration
  3. Cloud AP Management
  4. Multi-site Management

firewall installation

Deploy and Configure
Multi-site Management